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Australia’s forgotten War – the Boer War 1899-1902

Find out about Australia's forgotten war, the Boer War from 1899-1902, with a retired Lancer guiding you through the finest Boer War collection in Australia, all contained within Lancer Barracks Parramatta, a Governor Macquarie heritage precinct

Hear stories of how the NSW Lancers became the first British Colonial Volunteers to see action in Australia’s first significant war, and the remarkable role of Captain”Fighting Charlie” Cox in getting them there. Find out the huge problem confronting Fighting Charlie and his Lancers on arrival at Capetown, and the first example of what the Australian Army has become known for – making the best of what you have and still getting the job done. Who were the Fighting 29, and how did they become the forerunners of the legend of the mounted Australian horse soldier, which blossomed as the famous Light Horse in WW1? Read 5 original Banjo Patterson Boer War poems in Major George Lee’s diary of the Boer War, how they got there and why there are major differences between the dates and text of what is now accepted as these Patterson poems and what came out of his head – the versions you can only see in his diary.
Study very rare Boer War photos and the weapons used by the Lancers and the Boers

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2 Smith Street, Parramatta, New South Wales

Across Smith Street from Parramatta railway station and bus interchange


10am - 4pm (last tours begin 3pm)

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Adults $ 15, Children $ 10, Concession $ 10, Family $ 25, Members $ 2
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This is the 120th anniversary of the end of the Boer War; entry also gives entry to a full guided tour of Lancer Barracks, the complete state heritage listed museum collection including our fleet of heritage armoured fighting vehicles