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Arcadia Markets

Browse high-quality stalls at a vibrant community-run event set in a unique, rustic & semi-rural environment. Arcadia Public School has had the privilege of serving the community from this site for the last 120 years. Arcadia Markets brings together the community to showcase creativity, talent, & passion in time for Mothers Day. Come join us to wander the markets or tour the school and heritage plantings.

For 120 years the Arcadia Public School has been located upon these grounds with the original building still in use as a staff room. 2 Years ago the community celebrated the anniversary of the schools commencement but many have fond memories of its current location. The markets are set amongst some of the historic plantings and enjoy the space and friendly atmosphere that is synonymous with Arcadia.
Our stalls range from art, craft, jewellery, cakes, jams and more to take home, to a range of foods of delicious foods to satisfy the hungriest of tummies.
The markets directly support the school and enable us to fund a wide range of projects and programs for the children of Arcadia, Berrilee, Berowra Waters and Fiddletown.
On the day join one of the ‘Proudly Arcadian’ volunteers to show you round the site and let you in on some of the secrets as to why we love this part of Sydney.

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140 Arcadia Road, Arcadia, New South Wales

On the road to Berowra Waters.


9am to 3pm

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