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ANZAC Hero – Sir William Throsby Bridges and His Horse Sandy

Special Heritage Festival & ANZAC powerpoint presentation with Morning Tea by John Brock, tells the amazing story of an ANZAC hero, Sir William Throsby Bridges and his horse Sandy.

Anzac Day is a great Australian day of celebration, not for the glorification of war, but for the recognition of heroism and mateship inspired in an arena of death and mayhem only experienced by soldiers on the frontline of combat.
This presentation introduces you to the man who founded the Royal Military College at Duntroon and initiated the Australian National Military Mapping program. His body was the only one, from a total of over 60,000 casualties, to be repatriated back to Australia, while his waler horse, Sandy, was the only one of 136,000 sent overseas to return home alive. The story of these two World War I heroes is one of courage, brilliance and companionship between a soldier and his faithful steed, a tale that will stir your emotions and evoke the eternal motto of ANZAC Day: “Lest We Forget.”

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Corner Hassall Street & Gregory Place,, Parramatta, New South Wales

10.30am to 12.30pm

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Adults $ 15, Concession $ 12.5, Members $ 12.5
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Parking available in the grounds of Hambledon Cottage & in Gregory Place.