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ANZAC Day at ANZAC Cottage 2023

Historic ANZAC Cottage in Mount Hawthorn is so appropriate for ANZAC Day activities and the Sunset Service. The Cottage was built in one day as Western Australia's first war memorial to those who fought at Gallipoli and as a home for a returned soldier, wounded at the Gallipoli landing.

On ANZAC Day, the Friends of ANZAC Cottage offer a Sunset Service “at the going down of the sun”. This evocative service adds a special atmosphere to the event. Recognising the importance of keeping the stories alive, the Friends of ANZAC Cottage works hard to include members of the younger generation in our services and activities. The historic Cottage is open on this day for people to tour the Cottage and there will be activities for children. Entry is free.

The “Fields of Remembrance”, a temporary exhibition of crosses dedicated to veterans by community members will be on display and visitors are invited to add their crosses to the display.

Always popular, the Maori Cultural group, Ngaru Pou will also attend to ensure that the NZ in ANZAC is valued and acknowledged.

Open from 4pm to 6pm on April 25, with the Sunset Service due to begin at 5.15pm, ANZAC cottage once again welcomes the community to this community-built piece of history

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38 Kalgoorlie Street, Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia

Cottage is located on Kalgoorlie Street between Ashby Street and ANZAC Road.


4pm to 6pm

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Street parking only. Visitors are advised to seek parking either around Braithwaite Park (at the Scarborough Beach Road end of Kalgoorlie Street) or Britannia Reserve (at the Bottom of Kalgoorlie Street. Number 15 bus travels along Kalgoorlie Street, disembark at either the Nui Dat bus stop or the Gallipoli bus stop