Annual Catalpa Commemoration

Free public event of oration, song, theatre and verse dedicated to the escape of six Irish Political Fenian Convicts on the ‘Catalpa’ American Whaler on Easter Monday, 17 April 1876.

Special guests from State and Local Government including Mayor Deb Hamblin and councillors, Historian Richard Offen, musician Ormonde Og Waters, actor Mike Anthony Sheehy and members of AIHA committee, with research by David McKnight

Followed by inaugural Irish Festival at 12 noon in Churchill Park, Rockingham foreshore organised by the local Rockingham Catalpa Rescue Project

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Palm Beach, Rockingham, WA

Ample parking in town centre, 8 min walk via Harrison St, right into Val St to Esplanade


11am to 12noon

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Limited parking at the monument