Animals in War Exhibition

War animals have demonstrated courage, valour and enduring partnerships with humans.

Throughout history, animals have worked alongside military personnel. Animals have been used as transport, beasts of burden, messengers, detectors, mascots and companions.

This Exhibition pays tribute to the sacrifices made by animals in war, one of those being Sarbi.

Like many heroes, Sarbi came from humble beginnings.  After starting life as a mutt, she was adopted by the Australia Defence Force to serve as an Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) with the Special Operations Engineers’ Regiment.

Sarbi was a remarkably intelligent hound that became a hero for the Australian Special Forces during the war in Afghanistan. The black Lab and Newfoundlands-cross had the important task of sniffing out explosives during her several tours of Afghanistan.

After a joint Australian, American and Afghan vehicle convoy was ambushed by insurgents in September 2008, Sarbi was missing for 13 months after she disappeared during the nine-hour battle which followed the Taliban ambush.

Sarbi’s handler, Corporal David Simpson, was injured in the attack and when a gunshot severed the metal clip on Sarbi’s leash and in the heat of the battle she could not find her master, the wounded and frightened dog limped away from the chaos of bullets and blasted desert sand. The distraught soldiers searched for her after the battle, but following three unsuccessful weeks of looking, Sarbi was declared missing in action.

13 months later, Sarbi re-appeared in a healthy condition in an Afghan village, and she was eventually bargained back into the hands of David, her handler.

Sarbi received The Purple Cross in 2011

See the life size animal display, original artefacts, figures and artwork and hear stories of exceptional courage.

Morning tea provided in Mess Hall.

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Victoria Barracks Brisbane, Petrie Terrace, Queensland

Enter second drive way on the right hand side of gate.


Wed 18 April, 2, 9, 16 May - 11.00am to 12.30pm

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