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A Potted History – What’s in a Name?

Ever wondered what the business “Bridgetown Pottery – Restaurant” was all about? Step into our time warp and unlock the mystery of this iconic business name.

This building has always had an amazing tradition of hospitality within it’s 146 year old wire-cut mud brick walls. By and large the families that lived here, worked here – the Maslin family for nearly 50 years, the Keremelovich family nearly 50 years, and now the Mills family for 36 years. We have all celebrated births, marriages, anniversaries and baptisms – we have all suffered illness, tragedy and mourned deaths – our stories are interwoven within these walls.

“A Potted History” features retrospective works from Potters who worked within the walls – working with clay seven days a week in the ancient tradition of a village workshop. It recreates a representation of the workshop as it was in 1985. We will also celebrate the simple fare that we, the Mills, were famous for in the beginning of our tenure – Devonshire Teas with a “proper pot of tea”, Famous Pumpkin Soup and Jacquie’s Apple Cake. There may not be a cappuccino in sight, but we will have “Deluxe Pottery Milkshakes”.

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81 Hampton Street, Bridgetown, Western Australia

10am - 2pm daily

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