A local priest with a movie camera – Kilmore 1937-1939. A new production with sound track, identities etc.

Father McHugh was an early movie camera enthusiast. He captured forever images of local events, people and places all clearly identified as Kilmore. The period covers 1937-1939.

The early films were transferred to CDs some years ago, and later to DVDs. The Society obtained funding to enhance the film even further and obtained a grant from the Bendigo Bank to add a soundtrack including music and where possible identify the people and places in the film.

It is an enchanting snapshot of the years before WWII, but does include film of the militia heading for camp.

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2 Powlett Street, Kilmore, Victoria

On the corner of Powlett Street and Lancefield Road and opposite Hudson Park. The Old Post Office is a well known Kilmore landmark adjoining the old Kilmore Courthouse and Police Barracks in the historical precinct of Kilmore


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