A journey through art and images showcasing the Wollondilly Shire

Visitors will receive a passport to inform them as they tour the site of the Wollondilly Heritage Centre and interact with objects selected.

As visitors tour the site with their passport, they will learn how and why the landscape has changed in the Wollondilly Shire. They will experience the life of pioneers in the area and see what artists and photographers saw as ‘special’. The passport will allow the younger generation to be connected to the heritage of the area through the adventure they can take in exploring the site of the Wollondilly Heritage Centre and Museum.

Some objects will include a biography of artists. There will also be a coverage of the images on our website.

Event dates

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43 Edward Street, THE OAKS, NSW

Next to Harold Noakes Park


Weekends and Public Holidays 10am to 2.30pm from 17 April to 16 May

Entry fees:
By donation
Attendance limit:
Less than 50
Onsite facilities:
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you need to know:
COVID Safe Plan applies