A House and Garden Tour of Historic ‘Lindesay’ (SOLD OUT)

Come and experience the unique charm, Gothic architecture and beautiful gardens at Lindesay with a tour of the house and garden. Through our knowledgeable guides you will uncover the fascinating history of this Darling Point mansion.

As soon as visitors step foot in the grounds of Lindesay they’re instantly taken with the picturesque gardens which surround the elegant mansion and feel immediately transported back in time once they enter the house.
Built in 1834, Lindesay was the first house built in Darling Point and the first Gothic Revival style in Australia. Lindesay showcases restored Georgian interiors with fine antique English and Australian furniture. A new edition to the collection includes an exhibit of a children’s day nursery from that period.
The house interiors are complemented by immaculate, well tended grounds with harbour views.


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Lindsay Avenue, Darling Point, New South Wales

Hourly times from 10am to 3pm

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Less than 50
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