90 Year Old Steam Tug Wattle

Wattle is the only oil fired steam tug operating in Australia. Here is a chance to see the 90 year old ship being restored and prepared for operation on Port Phillip by a team of dedicated volunteers. Bring back memories of Victoria Dock as the major shipping port for Australia and busy tugboats.

See a compound steam engine and Scotch boiler. Talk down the voice pipe from the wheel house (Captain speaking) to the Chief Engineer in the engine room and hear the clank of the ships telegraph as the order for half speed ahead is given. Smell the oil and steam and imagine a 6,000 tone ship being positioned in the wharf. And watch your head as you go about the ship. See the workshop where the volunteers shape, bend, weld and paint bits for the Wattle and hear about our restoration fund.

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2 North Wharf Road, Melbourne, Victoria

10am to 12 noon

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