Afternoon Tea at Burnett House

Sunday, July 19th 2020 was the date of our first post-COVID afternoon tea at Burnett House. We were overbooked to the extent that we had to turn people away and could not accommodate those on the wait-list.   In all, we served about 74 people for the day plus a couple of children. Our cooks definitely did something right as a number of people ordered second and even third servings.

Each booking had to be seated separately so we needed extra tables to accommodate this.  Tactile Arts graciously came to the rescue and generously loaned us the extra tables and chairs.   The extra tables meant more time setting up and also meant that lots of people would be in full sun so with the addition of several extra umbrellas we were able to provide a reasonable amount of shade.

Thanks to our cooks, our furniture movers, setter-uppers, wait staff,  Kitchen staff, washer uppers and our cashier we got through the day with many satisfied customers.  Our helpers and contributors were Kathryn Chandler, Tom Sawyer, Mike Caraher, Rosa Norman, Wendy Portlouis, Ros Scott, Chris Millowick, Arminda Mengin,  Marelle Lee, Sara Clark, Maxina Parkes, Judy O’Meara, Frieda Evans, Debbie Riley,  Bill  Porte and our dishwasher extraordinaire, Joan Moore.  Everyone put in a suburb who all put in a superb effort and thank you again.

However, the reward was that we collected $905 from afternoon teas and a further $62.50 in donations on the day.  Well done everyone.

And guess what, next month on 16 August we can even choose to do it all again!

The picture shows part of the aftermath of afternoon teas, that’s not counting all the tea towels as they were already on the clothesline!