Protecting our shared heritage involves retaining and managing places that have importance to the community. In Victoria, there are a number of ways that places of Indigenous, cultural and natural heritage significance are recorded and protected.

The main categories of heritage listing are outlined below.

Check if a Place is Protected

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Local and State 

Find out if a place is included in a local Heritage Overlay, the Victorian Heritage Register or Victorian Heritage Inventory

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National and International 

Find out if a place is protected on the National, Commonwealth or World Heritage list

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Significant Trees and Landscapes 

Find out if a place has environmental landscape or tree protections by searching the address

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National Trust Classification 

Search National Trust Heritage Register. Please note that classification of a place by the NTAV does not provide legislative protection. 

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How to protect places 

The National Trust Advocacy Toolkit is a free online resource to support individuals and communities to advocate for the protection of places of cultural heritage significance. The toolkit includes guides that will answer the following questions:  

  • What are Heritage Overlays and Planning Scheme Amendments? 
  • How do I object to an application for a planning permit for a property covered by a heritage overlay?
  • How do I appeal a permit decision?
  • How do I nominate a place or object to the Victorian Heritage Register? 
  • How do I object to an application for a permit to change a place or object on the Victorian Heritage Register? 


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