Our Emergency Community Action Meeting today for the protection of Avondale at Sinnamon Farm was successful and was attended by members of the local Historical Society, Sinnamon Family descendants, media and a local Councillor.

The concerned attendees requested that we start a petition to make it easier for people to help us protect Sinnamon Farm.

Help the National Trust of Australia and SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY!


The Threat

Sinnamon Farm survives as a very early illustration a rural farming landscape with associated homestead, outbuildings and plantings.  The proposed development of site as a childcare facility includes relocating the homestead within the site, constructing an extremely large and dominant childcare facility, constructing a 2m high acoustic wall around the site and removing all the significant mature plantings.


Trust Stance

The National Trust of Australia (Queensland) stance is that the proposed development is fundamentally incompatible with the site and importantly, with the site’s significance.  The Heritage Impact Statement prepared for the development is misleading and does not adequately address the impact of the development of the site’s significance . We recommend that a more appropriate and compatible use of the site is found.  Failing this, we recommend a complete revision of the Heritage Impact Statement and the proposed design in order to protect the significance of Sinnamon Farm and its rural setting.


Trust Actions

We have made a submission to Brisbane City Council regarding the proposed development and we have shared this submission with our 12,000 members via email and Facebook.  We encourage our members to activate their voice and use our submission as a template for their own submission to Brisbane City Council.

January 2018 – NTAQ Submission to BCC 

BCC Development Application #A004814571 – 645 Seventeen Miles Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park