Adelaide is at a cross-roads. New planning laws have sent shock waves through the community as public rights are stripped away in a development free-for-all that is creating controversy from North to South with massive new housing developments mooted or underway. Infill development in established areas is creating traffic and infrastructure problems and eating up greenspace, removing trees and destroying our heritage.

Beyond the incessant clamour of the development industry for more development and less regulation of it, including the State Government’s outrageous plans for the Torrens Riverbank and Adelaide Parklands, our city’s residents are looking for a better way to a brighter and more sustainable future.

The National Trust of South Australia, as a community organisation concerned with our long term future and sustainability, is hosting a series of public forums in the lead up to the next State Election. The first of these: Planning beyond tomorrow, presents a 50 year vision for metropolitan Adelaide, as we launch our Adelaide 2070: Visions and Plans report.

On Saturday 30th October we invite you to participate in a full day free forum (10am-5pm) at the University of South Australia with 8 expert speakers to introduce the report and restart a public conversation about the role of planning in shaping the future of our urban environment.


50 Year Plan for Metropolitan Adelaide

Final program