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The National Trust of Australia (Victoria) is a non-government organisation that works with communities, businesses and government to actively protect our heritage.


For more than 60 years the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) has played a leading role in the protection of heritage. Many of the places we love would not exist today without the National Trust.

You can make a difference in protecting special places by making a donation and joining our efforts. By donating, you will be providing critical support for irreplaceable buildings, trees, gardens, landscapes and the communities that treasure them.


Donations help the National Trust in many different ways – from supporting conservation to assisting local advocacy efforts.


We welcome donations all year round from our members and the general public to help us continue our vital work in the community.

Please note that all donations of $2 and over to the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) are tax deductible.


You can make a secure online donation through GiveNow, or download the 2018 Annual Appeal donation form.

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Every contribution, large or small, helps our specialist team to protect heritage from the effects of neglect, destruction and unsympathetic development.