Civic Partnership offers many opportunities and benefits.

The National Trust of South Australia invites local government to enjoy the many opportunities and benefits of a Civic Partnership. For 60 years, as the leading independent voice for heritage in South Australia, we’ve put our passion, strength and unwavering voice to the task of preserving and protecting cultural, built and natural heritage. Now we can get behind your Council to champion, protect and promote your local heritage.

There are many tangible benefits in becoming a Civic Partner of the National Trust:
Access the services of our dedicated Cultural Heritage Officer
Every dollar from our Civic Partnership fees supports the employment of a Cultural Heritage Officer whose job is to focus entirely on local government’s heritage issues, strategies and needs.

Enjoy the backing of South Australia’s leading independent, authoritative voice on heritage
We will throw our full weight and respected, authoritative, independent voice behind your Council to form a strong force to lobby government for effective heritage policies and legislation. Most importantly, the National Trust can speak and act without political bias or influence.

Ensuring Heritage is protected
The National Trust established the first public register of heritage sites in South Australia. We can advise and assist on all aspects of the nomination, assessment and listing process.

Working collaboratively with other Councils
Every year, our Local Heritage Forum will bring Councilors, Council Heritage Officers, Planners and external Heritage Advisers together to explore common ground and to promote consistency in policy making. This annual Forum, amongst other things, will identify weaknesses in existing legislation controlling heritage and redevelopment and identify possibilities for legislative and policy reform.

Balancing heritage and development
If your Council is a member of the SA Property Council it exposes you to the perception of bias towards development over heritage. As a Civic Partner of the National Trust you will be able to demonstrate a balanced stance on development and heritage protection issues. We can also support your Council with advice on Development Plan amendments.

Access to expert advice on heritage policies and legislation
Civic Partners can call on us for independent, free advice on heritage policies and legislation. The National Trust can also contribute to your Council’s heritage policy development and review.

Heritage promotion and tourism opportunities
Each year more than 200,000 people visit the heritage properties managed by the National Trust of South Australia. We can assist you increase public awareness and interest in local heritage and help boost your tourism opportunities. We can develop the profile of heritage in your local area through innovative online and mobile platforms.

Access to advisory and research services
National Trust Civic Partners enjoy access to our heritage services at minimal cost and we can broker a range of professional services for assessment, conservation and property management.

Please contact Dr Darren Peacock CEO. Call us now and start to see what – together – we can achieve.



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There are many opportunities and benefits becoming a Civic Partner