Runnymede, New Town

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Runnymede, New Town

Runnymede, an 1840’s villa in New Town, offers teachers and students the opportunity to experience and explore a colonial house and garden.

A guided tour allows students to learn about the social and cultural traditions of the times, the role of servants and the workings of a self-sufficient estate. Runnymede is a rare 19th century whaling family’s home named after Captain Charles Bayley’s favourite ship, Runnymede and was the home of members of the family for more than 100 years.

The house contains rich collections of material related to the whaling and maritime interests of the family as well as artworks and family possessions of the previous owners, Robert and Dorothea Pitcairn and Bishop Francis Nixon and his wife Anna Maria

Booking Information
61 Bay Road, New Town
Number of students
30 Maximum
1 hour onwards
$3 per student
Pre-visit kit for teachers
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(03) 278 1269