Significant Tree 94 Burke’s Burial Tree, Innamincka

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Significant Tree 94 Burke’s Burial Tree, Innamincka

Botanical name: Eucalyptus microtheca
Common name: Coolibah Tree
Local name: Burke's Burial Tree

The site where the final drama of Burke and Wills tragic expedition played out, is located along the Cooper Creek, close to the Innamincka township. Burke's body was found by rescue party leader Alfred Howitt underneath the tree now marked by a memorial.

Nominated to the Trust’s Register of Significant Trees for its State and National historic significance.

Location and Access
Burke's Memorial tree is located 4 kilometres north-east of Innamincka on the banks of Cooper Creek. The site is accessible and entrance to the park is charged at the Innamincka Regional Reserve Park headquarters. Please check with the Parks office for access, and weather restrictions.

National Trust of South Australia, (08) 8202 9200
National Parks and Wildlife, c/o Innamincka Regional Reserve Park, (08) 8675 9909