Significant Tree 122 Herbig's Tree, Springton

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Significant Tree 122 Herbig's Tree, Springton

Botanical name: Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Common name: River red gum
Local name: Herbig's Tree

Johann Friedrich Herbig arrived in South Australia from Bremen on 3 October 1855. While looking for employment he went to the Adelaide Hills where he worked for George Fife Angas. He later leased a block of land of eighty acres at Black Springs which was later called Springton. Being rather poor, Friedrich lived in the base of a very large gum tree which was located on his own land. In 1968, to ensure protection of the tree and in recognition of its pioneer status, descendants of the Herbig family formed a memorial trust and bought the land containing the tree.

Nominated to the Trust's Register of Significant Trees for historic significance and colonial occupation.

Location and Access
The Herbig Tree is located approximately 60 km from Adelaide on the main road at Springton. It is at the Southern end of the town adjacent to the road to Mount Pleasant. The area is open and access is available to the public all year around.

National Trust of South Australia, (08) 8202 9200