Heritage Festival

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Heritage Festival

Find out more about the National Trust Heritage Festival 2014.

The Heritage Festival is an annual celebration and promotion of our unique built, natural and cultural heritage...

In April and May each year, the National Trust Heritage Festival promotes heritage events across the nation through these web pages, a printed publication.

The 2014 Heritage Festival will be promoted in Queensland from 18 April to 18 May 2014 and the theme is 'Journeys'.
Our exciting Journeys theme isn’t mandatory but might inspire you to consider focusing on a particular story or part of your collection.

Anyone wishing to promote their heritage event can register free. Terms and Conditions are available online.

If you’re interested in hosting an event, the website will guide you to our online registration and offer useful documents about how to promote and coordinate your event more effectively.

Program Booklets will be forwarded to all participants for distribution by the end of March and a digital version will be available online by March 2014.

You also have the option to promote your event through the following websites. Australian Heritage Week is held from 13 April to 21 April, and the Community Heritage website allows you to promote your event at any time.

Australian Heritage Week
Australian Heritage Week is held from Saturday 13 April to Sunday 21 April 2014. This national event is an opportunity for communities to come together and celebrate the places and stories that makes Australia special. It is also an opportunity to raise public awareness on the importance of conserving and protecting our natural heritage, rich Indigenous heritage and the diverse historic sites that help form our cultural identity. The Australian Government supports the National Trust Heritage festivals through funding and through the Australian Heritage Week website. For more information or to register an event visit the web site

Community Heritage Website
The Community Heritage website is a place where individuals and groups can share information and stories about Australia’s heritage. The purpose of the website is to encourage the collection and sharing of information, stories and anecdotes related to people, places and events that have contributed to Australia’s heritage.

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National Trust Heritage Festival 18 April to 18 May 2014 - Events are available at National Trust Heritage Festival website

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