Heritage Festival

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Heritage Festival

The Heritage Festival is an annual celebration and promotion of our unique built, natural and cultural heritage...

In April and May each year, the National Trust Heritage Festival promotes heritage events across the nation through the National Trust Heritage Festival website, and a printed publication. The Heritage Festival is promoted in Queensland from April to May each year and is themed. In 2016 the Festival will be held 16 April to 18 May.

The theme isn’t mandatory but might inspire you to consider focusing on a particular story or part of your collection.

The theme for 2016 is Discovery and Rediscoveries.

Discover: Find unexpectedly or during a search.

Rediscover: Discover (something forgotten or ignored) again.

Discovery & Rediscoveries: Discovery can encompass the experience of discovering something for the first time or rediscovering something that has been lost, forgotten or concealed.

We invite you to dig up the past and re-explore your region. What findings will you unearth? Join the National Trust in this investigation. We want to promote your unique heritage through your local events. We want to learn something new about our past.

The National Trust invites you to celebrate a fantastic range of events, talks, tours and activities that celebrate our shared heritage. The Festival provides a great opportunity for communities, individuals, local government and organisations to celebrate the places and events that have shaped our heritage. It is about sharing our stories and we need your help to make it a success.

Event registration is FREE and open to anyone with an interest in heritage who is willing to run an event or promote their organisation.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Register at:
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Ideas for your event/s:
  • Exhibitions and historical displays of photographs, clothing, documents, machinery, tools and memoriabilia.
  • Heritage discovery tours, guide tours, bus tours, walking tours, cemetery walks, ghost tours, wheelbarrow races, steam train and tram rides.
  • Open days at heritage properties, including churches, cemeteries, museums, history groups and clubs or venues.
  • Archaeological digs, book launches, art exhibitions, antique fairs, balls, carnivals, history re-enactments, music, poetry, high teas or themed dinners.
  • Talks and lectures, seminars, workshops or demonstrations.
  • Musical performances and even opera by candlelight!

If you have any questions contact:


or call (07) 3223 6666 for more information.

Complementing the National Trust Heritage Festival is the Australian Heritage Week.

Australian Heritage Week is an annual national celebration of Australia’s unique heritage.
In 2015 Australian Heritage Week was held from Saturday 11 April until Sunday 19 April.
This covers two weekends and includes World Heritage Day (officially, the International Day for Monuments and Sites, endorsed by UNESCO in 1983), which is held each year on 18 April.
This special day offers an opportunity to raise public awareness about the diversity of the world’s heritage, its vulnerability, and protection and conservation efforts.

Australian Heritage Week is an opportunity for all Australians to join together to celebrate our shared and special heritage. All communities are encouraged to get involved with planning and hosting a range of exciting activities during Australian Heritage Week that show-case your unique local heritage to the rest of the country. Let’s join together to share our heritage stories and celebrate Australia’s amazing and unique heritage!

The Australian Government supports the National Trust Heritage Festival through funding and promotion of events on the Australian Heritage Week website. You also have the opportunity to register your event on the Australian Heritage Week website. Find out more about registering your event next year on the Australian Heritage Week website.

PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure that you register your event on both the Heritage Festival website and the Australian Heritage Week website. These sites are not linked.
Find out about the 2016 Festival.

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