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Bedervale is a large single storey Georgian home, situated close to Canberra which houses the National Trust Collection. The property was built in 1836 on a land grant by Captain John Coghill and is of great historic and architectural significance. The property is situated in a scenic location with views to the town of Braidwood, Mount Jillamatong and the coastal range.

As one of the finest colonial homesteads in the state, the building reflects a magnificent standard of preservation, including an interesting set of outbuildings, classically-detailed cedar joinery, a fine collection of original furniture, household utensils and books, circa 1800-1900.

For over 130 years the house was inhabited by the one family and the contents of the house are still in situ, which is something of great rarity. As a collection, the accumulation of items over time reflects the changing tastes and social habits from the Victorian to Edwardian era. For this reason, the house and its collection are incredibly unique.

In a unique arrangement in Australia, the house is currently privately owned and occupied by the Royds family while the original collection is the property of the National Trust. Bedervale Homestead was designed by Architect John Verge, who is also well known for designing Camden Park at Menangle and Elizabeth Bay House in Sydney. Verge’s fine architecture, the rich and varied collection and the generosity of the owners of the house, combine to make a visit to Bedervale an unforgettable experience.


Opening hours

Tour is by appointment only, entry is by guided tour only.


Monkittee Street
Braidwood 2622 NSW


(02) 4842 2421

Entry fees

General Admission - $15 Trust Members - $10 *minimum cost of $50 for tours