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Australian Capital Territory

What we do

Our purpose is to foster public knowledge about and conserve places and objects
that are significant to our heritage.

The National Trust of Australia (ACT) is a non-government, non-profit, community organisation incorporated as a public limited company under the Australian Corporations Law (ACN 008 531 182) .

Membership is open to any individual, family, business or organisation. We currently have around 1700 members in the ACT and surrounding region. This is the highest per capita membership of any State/Territory branch of the National Trust movement in Australia.

The Trust is financed by membership subscriptions, donations, fund raising activities, sponsorships, legacies and Australian Government grants. Donations to the National Trust are Tax deductible (the Trust is specifically mentioned in the Taxation Act).

The Trust publishes Heritage in Trust --a magazine for members and subscribers four times a year. Each edition contains articles on local, national and internaional history and heritage, general interest stories, reports of Trust activities, members activities, information about coming events and advertising from appropriate commercial sources.

One of the major benefits of joining the National Trust is, of course, free entry to properties managed by National Trusts and affiliated organisations in Australia and overseas. However, the Trust also has an extensive program of tours catering for a wide spectrum of interests - ranging from local heritage tours; through weekend trips to places of historic interest; to longer tours interstate and overseas.

Our Charter
To download a copy of the National Trust (ACT) charter, please

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Our Constitution
To download a copy of the National Trust (ACT) constitution, please

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Our Strategic Plan - 2010-2015

Heritage and Grants Committee
Sandy Blair - Chair
Ken Charlton
Ash Lenton
Brendan Preiss
John Tucker
Graham Carter
Eric Martin
Grahame Crocket
Peter Dowling

Tours and Events Committee:
Mary Johnston - Chair
Linda Roberts
Peter Dowling
Michael Hodgkin
John Tucker
Beryl Hicks
Maree Treadwell - Heritage in Trust editor
Wendy Whitham - Heritage in Trust editor
Dianne Dowling
Jim Nockels

Mr Scott McAlister - President & Treasurer
Mrs Dianne Dowling- Vice-President
Mrs Mary Johnston -Secretary

Mr Graham Carter
Mr Grahame Crocket
Ms Bethany Lance
Mr Peter Lundy
Mr Eric Martin
Mr Jim Nockels
Mrs Linda Roberts
Mr Jon Stanhope
Mr John Tucker
Mr Chris Wain
Liz McMillan - Office Manager

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2013-2014

Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2011-2012

Annual Report 2010-2011
Annual Report 2009-2010
Annual Report 2008-2009